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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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15, 1909. 


On Thursday, September 16, 
1909, the Rt. Rev. Abbot Fro win 
O. S. B. of Conception Mo., de- friendliest and the Indian De- 

tion, for whom we cannot have 
too many educational institutions 
with good moral and* religious 
influence. The giving up of the 
school was the more to be regret- 
ted as the attitude of the Gov- 
ernment towards it was the 

dicated the new church at St. 
Benedict's Mission, on the Stand- 
ing Rock reservation in South 
Dakota. He was assisted in the 
dedication services by the Rev. 
Fathers Bede and Bernard, O. S. 
B. The Indians and all his 
Standing Rock friends were glad 
to see the Venerable Abbot again 
once more, and in apparent good 
health, in spite of his old age. 
The good Abbot is now 76 years 
old and has celebrated the gold- 
en jubilee of his priesthood 
three years ago, in September 
1906. Abbot Frowin has always 
manifested great love and the 
warmest interest for the Stand- 
ing Rock Mission ever since he 
sent his first missionaries here in 
the year 1884. His frequent visits 
to the (Standing Reck) mission 
were always very helpful in en- 
couraging the missionaries and 
the people under their charge. 
The Indian mission and* its 
schools held indeed a very dear 
place in his heart, and it was a 
sad disappointment to him and 
Bishop Stariha, when the school 
at St. Bendict's three years ago 
had to be given up and passed 
into secular hands on account of 
the unfortunate withdrawal of 
the Sisters from the School, 
which had been for them a good 
quiet home and a main support 
and principal source of income 
to the community for so many 
years in the past. But an unduly 
magnified idea of future bright- 
er prospects and better advan- 
tages from white schools preci- 
pitated the so very lamentable 
change which brought endless 
additional hardships and many 
unnessesary troubles and trials 
upon the mission and mission- 
aries in many ways, not to speak 
of the immense spiritual injury 
the loss of the school meant to the 
mission and the growing Indian 

partment very anxiously desired 
that it should be continued un- 
der the same regime. After so 
many pleasant visits in former 
years it must have been very 
painful to the fatherly heart of 
Abbot Frowin not to see the 
school under the old familiar 
management any more after it 
had been in charge of the Bene- 
dictines for more than a quarter 
of a century, having been con- 
fided to them firt in 1879 by the 
apostle of the Sioux, Rt. Rev. 
Bishop M. Marty, O. S. B. of 
blessed memory. 

In spite of these unfavorable 
circumstances, which will of ne- 
cessity have a retarding effect 
on the mission work for all fu- 
ture, the school is however for- 
tunate in having for its present 
Superintendent an excellent man 
and good practical Catholic in 
the person of Mr. R. J. Bauman. 
Both, Mr. and Mrs. Bauman are 
successful Indian workers of long 
experience, and take great in- 
terest in the temporal and spirit- 
ual welfare of the Indian child- 
ren entrusted to their care. 



Aug. 31, 1909. 

, The ladies of St. Peter's 

church near the Mouth of Chey- 

ennne River held a basket party; 

it brought $70-75. One half of 

that money went to that church 

and the other half will be used 

to build a church on the Fox 

Ridge, east of Paridis. 

A t\Vo weeks old son of Mr. and 

Mrs. Sam White Buffalo-man 

died July 31. 

Last Sunday we buried Louis 
Tomahawk, aged 65. While he 
was dying, his son was praying 
aloud at his side. 

There are on this' Reservation 

98 who take the Eyanpaha. Their 
congregation, to the christian f subscription will expire next 
training of the younger genera- f month. 

All those who want the Eyan- 
paha for 12 months commencing 
with October, shall please tell 
me that. 

I am now collecting names and 
send them to Father Jerome at 
the end of September. 
I already got quite a few names, 
and one man, namely Mr. Ame- 
dee Rosseau paid already for the 
year ending Sept. 1910. 

Seventy townships of this Re- 
servation and fifty of the Stand- 
ing Rock will be opened this fall. 
The registering will commence 
Oct. 4, and close Oct. 19. The 
drawing will take place Oct. 26, 
at Aberdeen, 

Last June Ihad the financial 
report of my mission for last 
year printed. I got 400 copies 
of them and distributed them 
among my church members. 

There is lots of hay all over 
the Reservation. 

John Vogel. 

Sept. 29, 1909. 
Rev. and dear Father: 

During last fall, 
winter and spring I sent you one 
hundred two subscriptions, but 
all of them expire this month. 

Enclosed, please find the names 
of seventy three, all of whom 
have subscribed for one full year, 
commencing with next month. 
Each of them wants one copy. 
I want five. 

At Cherry Creek the catechist, 
Henry Grouse Running is find- 
ing out, how many want the 
"Eyanpaha" for another year. 
As soon as he notifies me, I shall 
write you. For next month 
please send him twenty five cop- 

Many of those who subsribed 
for next year, have alreay paid. 
The others will pay me, some of 
them next winter and some of 
them next spring. 

I am responsible to you for the 
subsriptions of every subsriber I 
am sending you now or shall 
send you later on. Enclosed 
please find twenty -five dollars 
($25-00) to apply for the sub- 
scription fees of next year. 

The "Eyanpaha" helps many 
to know Christs' teaching better; 

it also gives us every month much 
news. To work for the "Eyan- 
paha," means to work for God. 
Respectfully Yours 
John Vogel. 

Immaculate Conception Schhol , 

Sept. 30, 1909. 
Lower Brule. 
Eva Catherine Goodwood, aged 
'21 years died at Lower Brule, 
Friday Sep. 3rd. and was burried 
from St. Mary's church, Sunday 
Sep. 5. 

Eva was the daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. James Goodwood. She 
became a catholic with her moth- 
er about three years ago and has 
ever since been devoted to her 
holy religion. She was well pre- 
parecl^for death— having received 
all the sacraments of the dying. 
She leaves a father, mother and 
sister, besides a large circle of 
friends. While they sincerely 
mourn her loss, they are greatly 
consoled in the thought that she 
died with all the consolation of 
her holy religion and her re- 
mains now rest in a consecrated 

Mrs. Alice Tonka-sapawin, the 
wife of Comes Flying died July 
15th after a long and painful ill- 
ness of several years standing. 
She was well provided with all 
the sacraments of the church. 
A husband and three sons mourn 
her loss. 

Unfortunately she was not 
buried in a cemetary of her holy 
faith to which she was so sin- 
cerely devoted. Let us pray that 
God grant unto her eternal rest 
and that her husband and sons 
may have the grace to live up to 
their holy religion most faith- 

Died July 25th, Peter A. Bold, 
aged 2 months, buried July 26. 

Died July 31, Agnes Red Bear, 
aged one year, child of Pius Red 
Bear. Buried Aug. 1. 

Died Sep. 8, Rhoda Surround- 
ed aged obout 27 years. She re- 
ceived private Baptism on her 

Baptized Aug. 20, William St. 
John," born Aug. 9, son of Joseph 
St. John and Alice Sasawin. 


15, 1909. 



' . Oct. 3, 1909. 

St. Joseph okodakiciye apikr 

yapi-qa dena itancan wicakagapi 

Thomas Tunkanwayagmani 


John Tatankapa wiyokihena ay a. 
Michael Wasuicasnamani maza- 
ska awanyaka. 
Joseph -'Matohi wowapi kaga. 
Clem'eiitltkbwicakipa qa Henry 
Zitkanakoyake ' wayazan awan- 

Joe Merrick. qa Zuzuheca wica- 
rapi awanyakapi. 
Clemens Lohnes tiyopa awan'ka. 
Ignatius Court dowan itancan. 
Henry Zitkanakayake Bible His- 
tory yawa. 

St. Mary okodakiciye itancanpi. 

Louise Sagye itancan. 
Kinajiwin wiyokihena aya. 
Louisa Court mazaska awan'ka. 
Bessie Lohnes wowapi kaga. 
Wanbdiabewin wokagege awan. 
Tacancega qa Sophie winona wa- 
yazan awanyakapi. 
Nape waste win tiyopa.awanyaka. 
Bessie Lohnes dowan itancan. 
Yuhamaniwin wokagege on v 7 a- 
m nay an.. 

,, FT.. TOTTEN, N. D. 

Father Jerome, Pej.i qupi. 

John Strait ohnakapi 1 

Jopn Twohearts 1 

Bernard Twohearts 1 


Wayahota qupi. 

Ignatius Court ojutonpi 


John Sherman ,, " , 


Bernad Twohearts 


Joseph Jackson ;1 


Stanislaus Merrick 


Henry Abraham 


John Strait. 


Cheyenne Agency, S. D. 
. ; .,- , , Sept 10, 1909. 


... WoiyokUiee miyagla- 
ska bluha. Le bloketu micunksi 
na cuwe henaos makitapi. Tka 
Wakantanka hena wicakico. Wa- 
;ia Wakantanka ti ogna onpi he 
lila iblukcan. 

Hekta ptanyetu etanhan win- 
yan zaptan omniciye opapi: Ta- 
rcawastewin, Wacinwastewin 
Bula cunwintku, V^akangi, na 
Jennie Kasle., 

xAke wi akenonpa Wakantanka 
wowasi ecamon kta wacin. 

Pteziohomniwin he miye. 

November is the month of the 
poor souls in purgatory. 

The common opinion, dear 
friends, is that it was St. Domi- 
nick who instituted the rosary as 
it is now recited. This was the 
occasion. That great Saint, who 
died in 1221, had long preached, 
in the south of France, against 
the error of the Albigenses. De- 
spairing of the success of his 
efforts, he had recourse to the 
Blessed Virgin, and never ceased 
praying and beseeching her till 
his prayer was heard. With this 
intent he set out for Toulouse, 
retired to a lonely forest, fell on 
his knees, and urgently besought 
God and theBlessed Virgin that 
they might help him to overcome 
the enemies of the faith. He 
passed three successive days and 
nights in prayer— at the end of 
that time, tie fell down from 
weakness, and the holy ■ Mother 
of God appeared to him, in an 
ecstacy, surrounded with glory 
and magnificence. She was es- 
corted by three queens, and each 
of them surrounded by fifty vir- 
gins, as if to serve her. The first 
queen with her companions, was 
robed in white, the second in red, 
and the third wore a tissue of the 
most dazzling gold. The Blessed 
Virgin explained to St. Dominick 
the meaning of these symbols. 
'"These queens," said she; '"re- 
present the three chaolets; 
the fifty virgins, who form the 
train of each queen, represent 
the fifty Hail Mary's of each ro- 
sary; finally, the white color re- 
minds you of the joyful myste- 
ries; the reel color, of the sorrow- 
ful mysteries, and the gold color, 
of the glorious mysteries. The 
mysteries of the Incarnation, 
birth, life and passion of my Di- 
vine son together with those of 
His resurrection, and His glorifi- 
cation, are contained, ami as it 
were enshrined, in the Angelical 
salutation and the Lord's Prayer 
That is just the rosary, that is to 
say, the crown wherein I shall 
place all my joy; spread that 
prayer everywhere, and the he- 
retics will be converted, and the 
faithful shall persevere and ob- 
tain eternal life. Consoled and, ' 
as it were, ravished by such an 
apparition, St. Dominick quickly ( 
returned to the city of Toulouse 
and repaired to the church. Dur- 
ing this time, as a pious legend 

relates, the bells began to< ring 
of themselves. The inhabitants, 
astonished to hear the„ bells at 
such an unusual hour, ran in 
crowds to the temple of the Lord, 
and asked what it meant. Then 
St. Dominic ascended the pulpit, 
and after having spoken with 
thrilling eloquence of the justice 
of God and the rigor of His 
judgements, he declared that, to 
avoid tb em, there was no means 
easier or surer than to invoke 
the Mother of Mercy- to. do .pen- 
ance, and recite the rosary. He 
immediatly gave an explanation 
of that beautiful prayer," and be- 
gan to say it aloud. The effects 
of this devotion were- soon,. felt. ' 
Men. renounced their errors, did 
penance, and returned to the Ca- 
tholic Church. St. Dominick af- 
terwards established the Confra- 
ternity of the Holy Rosary, a 
practice which spread rapidly 
amongst Christians. Finally, 
Pope Sixtus IV., who was elect- 
ed in 1471, and several of bis suc- 
cessors, attached to it numerous 
and rich indulgences. 


The most extraordinary fact in 
relation to the holy rosary, dear 
friends, is, unquestionably, the 
following: Iri'the year 1571 the 
Christians under the command 
of Don Juan of Austria, engaged 
with the Turks 'under Bali in a 
naval combat neai" Lepantb'in- 
Greece. There 'was a crusade 
against the Mussulmans. From 
the departure of the fleet, the 
holy Pope Pius V. ceased not a 
single moment to implore the 
Blessed Virgin, and address the 
Lord in fervent prayer, that He 
mignt deign to grant the Chris- 
tians a victory over the enemies 
of the faith. He ordered the same 
to be done in all the monasteries, 
and all Christendom followed the 
example. The holy : rosary, espe- 
cially, was frequently and- fer- 
vently recited. At length, on the 
7th of October, the two armies 
came together; it was about four 
in the af cernoon. The Christians 
were not long without perceiving 
that an invisible hand protected 
them, for the suh and the wind 
which had before incommoded 
them soon became to them a per- 
fect means of safety. Gradually 
the sun turned full on the eyes 
of the infidels, and the wind, sud- 
denly changing, sent the smoke 
of the artillery full in their faces. 
The combat lasted four hours. 
On every side, as far as the eye 

could reach, the surface of the 
sea was seen covered with blood, 
dead bodies, sails, and fragments 
of vessels; the defeat of theTurks 
was general and complete. They 
lost thirty thousand men, and 
three thousand five hundred oth- 
ers, twenty -five of whom were of 
high birth, were taken prisoners. 
One hundred and thirty . vessels 
fell into the power of the Chris- 
tians; the rest were either broken 
to pieces against the rocks, de- 
voured by flames, or sent to the 
bottom; a very small number suc- 
ceeded in escaping. On board 
the vessels seized by the con- 
querers were found fifteen thou- 
sand poor Christians, reduced to 
slavery, but whose chains were, 
of cour&e, broken that instant. 
During that glorious battle the 
Pope never ceased praying; he 
also followed in spirit the phases 
of the combat: and, by a prophe- 
tic spirit, he knew the same eve- 
ning that the Christians were vic- 
torious In thanksgiving, he or- 
dained, to perpetuate the memo- 
ry thereof, that for all future 
time the feast of Our Lady of 
Victories should be celebrated, 
and that these words shou . 
added to the Litany of the Bles- 
sed Virgin: Help of Christians, 
pray for us! And as the devo- 
tion of the rosary was one of the 
means employed by the holy pon- 
tiff to implore the assitsance of 
the Blessed Virgin in this circum- 
stance, he decreed that, on the 
day of the feast of Our Lady of 
Victories, that of the rosary 
should likewise be celebrated. 
Under his successor, Gregory 
XIII.,. the feast of the Rosary 
w T as definitively fixed for the first 
Sunday of October, and so it still 
is throughout the whole Chris- 
tian Church. 

Cheyenne Agency, S. D. 
Sept. 10, 1909. 

Taku woiyokisice lci- 
yaklaska bluha. Le bloketu mi- 
cunksi na cuwe henaos makitapi. 
Tka Wakantanka henaos wicaki- 
co, wanna Wakantanka ti ogna 
unpi kecanmin. 

Hekta ptayetu etanhan 
winyan zaptan omniciye opapi, 
cajepi: Tarcawastewin, wacinwa- 
stewin, Bula cunwintku, Wakan- 
gli na Jennie Kasle. 

Ake wi akenonpa Wakantanka 
wowasi ecawecon kta wacin.